Tech Tools Presentation

In today’s digital age, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge of new and emerging technologies…especially in the classroom! Teachers everywhere are integrating a variety of “tech tools” within their classes making education more effective, efficient, and dynamic. Not only does technology shape the way students learn, it’s teaching them advanced tech skills they can use outside the classroom. 

Our group decided to research 5 different tech tools used commonly by educators: Duolingo, Instagram, JoinMe, iPhone and Apps, and Google Classroom. We each chose our individual tools, conducted research and created our own slides for the whole presentation. Our group collaborated mainly using Google Slides, Google Forms, and group text messaging. It’s amazing how simple it was to be in a group project and create an entire presentation, with all members being miles apart. We were all able to work on our own schedule, in different locations, and on separate devices without any hassle. Through this assignment, we were able to research and discover 5 new tech tools, while simultaneously seeing the convenience and efficiency of a separate set of tech tools. You are invited to enjoy the following presentation on 5 unique tech tools used for learning!

Group 5’s Tech Tool Presentation 

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