Connected Educator

Class Twitter Chat Reflection

Our class had the opportunity to participate in a “live Twitter chat” this week. Our instructor facilitated the class discussion by posting questions and a few links for additional resources. The entire chat included the hashtag “#422edtech” within each tweet so everyone participating could view all posts regarding our class discussion.

I really enjoyed the Twitter chat because I loved how instant everything was. I liked how one question could spark so many different answers from people in a matter of seconds. While I didn’t have any trouble keeping up with our class chat, I could definitely see how it might be difficult to follow a large-scale chat. A nation-wide “ed-chat” with hundreds of participants, for example, might be overwhelming for me.

I definitely learned that quality of quantity is key! There were a few times when I went over my 140 character count and had to really chop down my answer. So that’s something that I’m going to have to keep in mind for future chats. After this exercise, I can see how beneficial Twitter live chats can be for educators. Being able to have easy access to a diverse range of professional knowledge, resources, and instant exchange of ideas and concepts makes Twitter for education a no-brainer. As a future educator, I can definitely see myself utilizing different Twitter chats to stay up to date on current classroom/teacher trends and for additional educational resources. 

Connecting with Classmates Through Social Media

Social networking is extremely beneficial for educators because it helps you stay connected with professionals and exchange new information and ideas. Sites such as LinkedIn, can also act as your informal resume for future employers and increase your number of professional contacts. This week I started following Janette, Edwin, Marleen, and Amy on Twitter and I also connected with them on LinkedIn. Additionally, I visited each of their blog sites and responded to the questions they had posed under their ISTE Standards blog post.

Janette’s Question: How do you score yourself in each of the five standards?

Edwin’s Question: What are some technology tolls you use or would use in your classrooms?

Marleen’s Question: Is there a standard some of you may have a difficult time with?

Amy’s Question: Will technology devolve teachers?

Connection to ISTE Standards

The activities in this assignment reflect the ISTE teaching standards. In my opinion, the standard most aligned with this assignment would be “Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership.” Connecting with colleagues through social media and participating in live chats, is a direct means of expanding our personal and professional tech skills and platforms.


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