Instructional Video

The purpose of this week’s assignment was to create an instructional video intended for students, using iMovie. We formed teams in class and determined what grade level and content area we wanted to teach. My group consisted of myself, and three others: Janette, Jackie, and Michael. Our video production provides a lesson on the Earth’s 7 continents, 5 major oceans, and cardinal direction. The intended audience is a first grade classroom. If you would like to view our detailed planning process, click on this PITCH & STORYBOARD link.

Click HERE to watch our video and take a tour of the world!!

After you check out the video, test your knowledge and take this GOOGLE FORM we’ve created! 

Completion of this assignment helped to fulfill the ISTE Standards 2 and 3. Standard 2 is “Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments” and Standard 3 is Model Digital Age Work and Learning.” This assignment allowed us to utilize a variety of digital tools to create an interesting, relevant learning experience for students. We were able to customize our individual videos and create a personalized learning environment. Our team was able to collaborate effectively and work together to produce a product that demonstrated our fluent ability to use technology.


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